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If you're a company who has to publish your gender pay gap information, and you want to close your pay gap: this tool is for you.

Our user-friendly tool is quick and easy to use, ideal for companies who need to get their reporting done quickly and effectively.

The tool uses your gender pay gap data, along with your answers to a short set of questions, to determine the key factors behind your pay gap.

The tool will produce a personalised report and action plan for your company based on these factors. You can also use the tool without your pay gap data.

If you'd rather choose your own areas of focus, you can do this too.

How do I start?

There are three ways to use the tool, depending on what stage you are at in your pay gap journey.

If you have already reported

You can input your company’s name and the site will import your data from the UK Government’s gender pay gap viewing service.

If you haven’t reported yet

If you’ve got all of your data in place, but just haven’t published it yet, you can manually input your data. If you haven’t calculated your figures yet, you can use our handy calculators, and the site will import this for you.

If you don’t want to input your pay gap data

You can go straight to our initial assessment questions without inputting your pay gap information. If you choose to do this your pay data won't be taken into account in your action plan.

How it works


Choose how you want to use the tool

Answer our quick questions to generate your pay gap priorities. Focused action in these areas will have the greatest impact on closing your gender pay gap.


Stick with your recommended priorities or choose your own

We recommend using the priorities which have been generated for you - however you may be interested in another area.


Get your personalised action plan

Answer some further questions under each of your priorities to find out what actions will work best for you. This will generate a tailored and targeted action plan to help you close your pay and bonus gaps.

This step should take around 5 minutes to complete. You can complete this in one session or save your progress and come back later.

Next steps

Your personalised plan will contain a set of actions for each of the key causes your gender pay gap, along with links to guidance which provides further information and support. If you would like expert support to close your pay gap please get in touch with Close the Gap for consultancy options.

About Close the Gap

Close the Gap is the UK's leading expert on the gender pay gap. We can provide in-depth analysis and personalised support to your company to help you take effective action to close your pay gap. You can find out more in the Work with Us section, or simply get in touch at info@closethegap.org.uk.

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