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Close the Gap is Scotland’s expert on the gender pay gap. We’ve been working with companies to address the causes of the pay gap since 2001.

We provide expertise and creative solutions to a range of companies to enable their business to benefit from the gains of gender equality and diversity.

We can provide confidential, tailored advice and guidance, and support you to develop work to close your pay gap.

Close the Gap consultancy can:

  • Explain the causes of your pay gap through providing a contextual narrative in your report

  • Deliver bespoke training to build capacity among your key staff to take action on your pay gap

  • Identify the real and perceived barriers to women’s progression in your organisation

  • Provide a quality assurance role in delivering an equal pay review

  • Conduct a workplace culture audit of your employment practices

  • Provide a gender analysis of your pay and workforce data, or support you to do this in-house


Contact us for consultancy options at, or call 0141 572 4730. You can also find us at 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 2LW.

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